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The deadline to apply for a Residential, Senior Citizen, Disabled VeteranSenior Widow/Widower or Disabled Vet Widow/Widower is March 31st.
The deadline to submit your annual disability rating letter is March 31st.
You can submit your completed application by emailing it to Assessing Office,sending it to us via Postal Mail or putting it in our Drop Box, located in the lobby of the JHAC.

If you intended to visit our office to apply for an exemption this week or early next week please utilize this on-line or in lobby option to complete your application.  

Residential Exemptions

The Residential Exemption Application is the bottom half of the annual Assessment Notice that was mailed to you on January 29th, 2020.  That application has been completed for you with the relevant property description and owner information, you only need to sign and date the application and then submit it.

  • On Line Residential Exemption Application If you don’t have you annual Assessment Notice and corresponding Residential Exemption Application you can use the form we have made available on line, instead.  You’ll need to use a current Assessment Notice, Tax Bill or you can utilize our Property Database to look up your parcel specific information that is required on the application.  If you need help, please call our office at 907-459-1428 we are happy to assist you! 
  • To Timely Submit your Application you can use our lobby drop box, email your applications to or mail them to us postal mail.  The Deadline to Apply is March 31st.  If you email or mail your application it must be electronically date stamped or post marked March 31st to be considered timely filed.

Senior Citizen, Disabled Veteran or Widow/Widower Exemptions

The State Exemption Applications are not mailed to property owners annually as the Residential Exemption Applications are.  To obtain an application please click on the corresponding application that you are interested in, visit the lobby of the JHAC or call our office at 907-459-1428.

  • To inquire whether you qualify for a State Exemption read the Exemption Facts, which outlines the criteria to qualify.
  • You can print or electronically complete the application on line however, your signature is required.  If you complete the application on line and submit it to us electronically we will consider your email your signature. If you print the application please be sure to write clearly on the form so that we can timely process your application.  
  • Once you complete your application, if possible, submit with your application the necessary proof of birth date documentation.  If you are disabled veteran, in addition to your proof of birth date documentation you’ll need to submit a current disability rating letter from the Veterans Administration.  If you are a widow/widower applicant you’ll need to submit documentation in addition to those already mentioned, thoroughly review the documentation needed to apply on the Exemption Facts sheet or contact our office for assistance.
  • We will follow up with you to obtain any documentation necessary for processing your application but it is still necessary to submit your application by the mandated deadline of March 31st.
Submit a Comment or Concern
​Do you have a suggestion, a comment or a concern that you would like to share with the assessing staff? Please stop by our office or click on the Submit a Comment or Concern link under the Assessing Documents section to complete an Intake Form. We welcome your input and look forward to hearing from you.
Real Property Assessment Notices

2020 Assessment Notices were mailed on January 29, 2020.  ​

The deadline to file an appeal is 30 days from the date of the Assessment Notice, in most cases this is on February 28, 2020.  As a courtesy, we mail assessment notices to owners who acquired title after January 1st of the calendar year and will continue to do so throughout the month of March, however the later mail date in these circumstances does not extend the deadline to file an appeal.  If your notice has a mail date after January 29, 2020 and you are interested in appealing the assessed value, please contact our office to determine whether the appeal period has expired.

If you have questions about your Assessment Notice, your assessed value or how to file an appeal, please contact our office by visiting us at the Juanita Helms Administrative Center located at 907 Terminal St. Fairbanks, AK, or by calling 907-459-1428. ​

The Assessing Department is responsible for assessing the value of all properties within the Fairbanks North Star Borough boundaries, and administers all State and Borough exemptions as set forth in State Statutes and Borough Code. The department also maintains property records information, which includes ownership, address, assessed value, and property descriptions. Assessing has two primary missions;

1.Administer a property assessment that is fair, uniform, and equitable by employing the following eight procedures:

  • Locate and identify all taxable property within each taxing jurisdiction
  • Inventory the quantity, quality, and important characteristics of all taxable property
  • Accurately estimate the market value of each taxable property
  • Determine the extent of tax ability of each property
  • Calculate the taxable value(s) for each property
  • Timely notify the owner(s) of the assessed value
  • Respond to inquiries regarding methods and values; Governing Laws and Regulations
  • Prepare and certify the official assessment roll of the entire Borough


2.Provide up-to-date information about assessment and related property matters, a service grown in importance to the community over the years.


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