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The Basics of the Property Database Search

To do a query with the property database search page, just type in a single word or name in the desired field and click on the search button. The page will return all the records that contain the word or name in your query; refining or narrowing your search is as simple as entering an additional word in the companion search field. Your new query will return a smaller subset found in your original query. To expand your search, use only a portion of your key word; for example entering smi in the last name field will return all last names which start with smi.

A good rule of thumb: LESS IS MORE

Choosing Specific Page Searches

Search by NAME:

The first and last name fields are self-explanatory. The Corporate Name is the name under which the taxes are paid. The Business Name is the name of the business. Example: Denali Foods Inc is the corporate name of the business - Fred Meyer.

Search by LOCATION:

Here are some helpful tips: For instance, if you type in the number 1113 with no street name, you will get a list of the 19 properties in the Borough that have that street number, and in that list you will see that one of them is on Twentieth Avenue. The street names come from a list in the current property listings in the Borough.

Besides street location, a property can be located by the abbreviated property description. If you want all  Property Account Number (PAN's) within a given subdivision, just list the subdivision name, but if you want only the PAN's in a specific block, also fill the Block field in. Tax lots work the same way: by listing township/range only you will get all tax lots within those 36 sections, but by also listing the section, you will only retrieve those tax lots within that particular section.


If the number is known. The Property Account Number (PAN) resides within a 7-digit field; however you do not need to type the leading zeros: PAN 0001234 and PAN 1234 will retrieve the same property record.

Please give us a call at 459-1428 or e-mail us at Assessor@fnsb.us if we can be of any assistance.