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​​Street Addressing


The Fairbanks North Star Borough, through FNSB Code Title 21, is the official regulatory authority on street addresses for the entire Borough outside of the limits of Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base. The Borough creates and maintains a database of all existing, approved street addresses and maintains a list of all private and public street names.

What We Do

  • -Assign all new addresses for the Borough.
    -Research problem or questionable addresses. 
    -Correct or change any erroneous or misleading addresses. 
    -Maintain list of all correct street names, including both private and public streets.
    -Encourage property owners to physically post their approved addresses.
    -Provide correct address information for the E 9-1-1 emergency response system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why accurate addresses are important:

If you ever call 911 the operator is trained to verbally confirm and verify the phone number and address for EVERY call received. This is the way a 911 call should work, but if a young child or an out of town visitor is calling they may not know your correct address.  For this reason, the E911 system must have the correct assigned physical address associated with your phone number.

Can I have more than 1 physical address on a property?

Yes, if you have independent businesses or residences with separate phone lines, separate addresses are recommended.

How are addresses assigned?

The Street Name in your physical address is the last Named Street that you drive on before you turn onto your driveway. Each officially recognized FNSB road (whether public or private) has an assigned Address Number range. Your Address Number is based on where your driveway accesses a Named Road.

My house isn't built yet, can I get an address?

You are encouraged to apply for a new address as soon as you know how you will access your property. In the case of proposed construction, the address number will be assigned based on the owner's site plan of the proposed structure and driveway. 

How accurate does my site plan have to be?

Not as accurate as a survey, generally things should be located +/- 5 feet or so. The important features to show are your lot lines, your proposed construction, and the proposed location of your driveway. If a Zoning Permit Application is required for your construction you can combine the FREE Zoning Permit Application with an Address Request (see  Ad​dress Locator​ help screen for instructions how to print a map to submit with your address request).

I put in a new driveway, should I get a new address? What does that cost?

If road access to a structure changes significantly (e.g., driveway access is constructed off a different named road) or access moves significantly, then the owner must contact the FNSB and request an address correction. The address correction is free and the FNSB also will send an update on the address to the phone companies, the USPS, GVEA, and the E911 dispatch center.

I need an address for electrical and/or phone service but my house is being built in a subdivision with a plat that has not been finalized. Can I get an address?

Because addresses can be assigned ONLY based on an officially named thoroughfare, and road names and locations are official only after the final plat is recorded, we can NOT assign addresses based off road names in preliminary plats.  In the  case of an existing structure on a plat which has not been finalized, we will attempt to address the location based on existing roads, but the address will most likely change when the plat is finalized. In general, any plat or re-plat which names or renames roads will require addresses to change.

How do I obtain a new street address?

Addresses are issued for a property based upon the proposed location of the driveway and structure on the property. Once you have a good idea where these items will be located, you should visit the Address Locator page​ to create a simple site plan (map) of your property, or visit the Addressing Coordinator at the Community Planning Department at 907 Terminal Street, Fairbanks. If you have questions about addressing, please contact us at (907) 459-1260 or email us at address@fnsb.us

There is some confusion on my street address.  How can I verify my street address?

You can report address discrepancies from the Address Locator page, and the addressing coordinator will contact you to verify a proper address for your property. Or if you prefer talking to a human, visit the Addressing Coordinator in the Community Planning Department, 907 Terminal Street, Fairbanks, or call us at (907) 459-1260.

How do I post my address?

Here are some guidelines for posting your address so that emergency responders (and your friends!) can find you: 

Large Numbers

Post your numbers so they are large enough to be seen easily from the road. A minimum number height of 2.5" is required—but larger numbers may be required, depending on how far they are from the roadway.  Address number signs are available for free from the FNSB; contact the Addressing Coordinator at (907) 459-1260 or visit Community Planning at 907 Terminal Street.

Near the Road

If the building is not clearly visible from the road, post numbers closer to the road near the driveway entrance, high enough so they won't be covered by snow.

Visible from all Directions

Post your numbers as many times as necessary so your address is visible from all directions traffic may approach.

On Shared Driveways

If the driveway serves more than one address number, post all numbers at the driveway entrance, and also post the appropriate number at each driveway fork and on the specific building to which it is assigned.

Free of Snow and Ice

Keep snow and ice cleared away from your numbers. Remove snow, break off icicles or hanging roof ice to ensure your numbers are visible.

Visible in the Dark

Illuminate your numbers when dark outside— use reflective painted numbers, or use a porch light, a nearby street light, a directed spotlight, or purchase electrically-illuminated numbers.

Clear Vegetation

Trim bushes and trees to keep numbers visible.

Clear Visual Obstructions

Be sure to move hanging flower baskets, wood piles, tarps, flags, wind socks, parked vehicles, etc., out from in front of your numbers.

During Construction

If you remove your numbers due to construction or painting of your building, temporarily post your numbers elsewhere, making sure they're still visible from the road.