​​​Historic Preservation in the Fairbanks North Star Borough

Historic preservation seeks to preserve, conserve, and protect sites, structures, or objects which have local historical significance.
Historic preservation benefits the community in the following ways:

  • •    Culturally – a community is richer for the tangible presence of past eras and architectural styles
  • •    Developmentally – provides a well-defined planning approach for the protection of historic buildings while accommodating healthy growth
  • •    Economically – increased property values, tax revenues, and tourism revenue when historic buildings are protected, maintained, and used
  • •    Environmentally – historic buildings are recycled (restored, rehabilitated) rather than demolished and disposed of in the community landfill
  • •    Socially – citizens take pride in their community’s history

Other information of Interest

Historic Preservation Plan

The Historic Preservation Plan provides the Fairbanks North Star Borough community with guidance and direction in preservation efforts of its historic resources.

The plan was last revised in 2007 and is currently in the process of being updated by the Historic Preservation Commission.

Historic Sites and Buildings

The Borough has several historic districts and a number of historic places on the national registry. To view and search a comprehensive database and map, visit the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Districts Information

​Fairbanks Locations on the National Registry of Places

  • George C. Thomas Memorial Library*
  • Sternwheeler Nenana*
  • Rainey's Cabin
  • Immaculate Conception Church
  • Creamer's Dairy
  • Harding Railroad Car
  • U.S. Federal Building
  • Wickersham House
  • Falcon Joslin House
  • Masonic Temple
  • Odd Fellows Hall
  • Chena Pump House
  • Clay Street Cemetery
  • Mary Lee Davis House
  • Goldstream Dredge No. 8
  • Ladd Field*
  • Lacey Street Theatre
  • Main School
  • Discovery Claim On Pedro Creek
  • F.E. Company Machine Shop
  • F.E. Company Managers
  • F.E. Company Dredge No.
  • Old City Hall
  • F.E. Company Dredge No. 5
  • Constitution Hall

*The George C. Thomas Memorial Library, Sternwheeler Nenana, and Ladd Field are National Historic Landmarks.