Policy and Procedures


Introduction to FNSB Policies and Procedures

Policy Template


01 Admin/Organization

01.01 Borough Wide Policies & Procedures

01.02 Conflict of Interest/Ethics

         1. Conflict of Interest (Outside Employment or Service) Determination Processing Form
         2.  Conflict of Interest (Contract or Transaction) Determination Processing Form
         3.  Conflict of Interest (Gift or Gratuities) Determination Processing Form

01.03 Use of Borough Equipment & Resources

         1. Use of Borough Equipment and Resources Attachment - Training Tool

01.04 Mail Processing Policy

01.05 Board and Commission Policy

         1. Meeting Agenda Template​ 
         1. Meeting Agenda Template​ - Word Document
         2. Meeting Minutes Template         
         2. Meeting Minutes Template - Word Document

05 Budget

10 Capital Assets

10.01 Capital Projects Site Searches
         1. Capital Improvement Checklist

Fixed Assets Policy

15 Community-Public Relations

20 Contracts

20.01 Contracts for Goods & Services

25 Emergency Management

30 Employee Benefits-Programs

30.01 Employee Break Room Usage

30.02 Sick Leave Bank
         1. Sick Leave Membership Application
         2. Sick Leave Bank Withdrawal Form

30.03 Leave Donation Policy
         1. Leave Donation Request Form
         2. Leave Donation Slip 

35 Finance

35.01 Travel Policy
         1. Travel Authorization Form
         2. TA Vehicle Expense Report
         3. IRS Meal Deduction Amounts

35.03 Relocation Reimbursement Policy

35.13 Personal Leave Policy for Eligible Exempt Employees - Rescinded

Petty Cash and Check Request Policy

Grants Policy

Generic Grant Application Procedures

Processing Grant Agreements from Federal and State Granting Agencies

Investment Bidding Policy

Qualified Bidders' List for Investment Policy

40 Information Technology Systems

40.01 Information Technology Use Policy

40.02 External Web Links Policy

40.03 Cellular Phone Policy

40.04 Social Media Policy
         1. Social Media Use Application
         2. Social Media Training Tool

40.05 Email Communications Policy for FNSB Assembly, Boards and Commissions and other Authorized Volunteers

40.06 Electronic Signature Policy

45 Labor Relations

50 Land Resources

55 Legal

Document Review and Opinions by the Department of Law Policy

60 Miscellaneous

60.01 Juanita Helms Administration Building Center Parking

65 Personnel-Payroll

COVID-19 Temporary Telecommuting Policy

Telecommunting Agreement Template

65.01 Employee Discipline Policy

65.02 Recruitment and Selection Hiring Policy
         1. Recruitment Requisition Form
         2. Sample Interview Questions
         3. Sample "Don't Ask" Interview Questions
         4. Sample Reference Questions
         5. Applicant Evaluation Assessment Form

65.03 Service Animals Policy

65.04 Anti-Discrimination In Borough Services, Programs, and Activities Policy

         1. Anti-Discrimination in Borough Services, Programs, and Activities Complaint Processing Form

65.05 Children in the Workplace

65.06 Substance Abuse Testing of Safety Sensitive Employees
         1. Substance Abuse Policy Attachment
         2. Assembly Resolution 2018-15

65.07 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy

65.09 Equal Employment Opportunity, Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Anti-Bullying Policy
         1. Equal Employment Opportunity/Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment/Anti-Bullying Complaint Processing  Form
Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Flow Chart

65.10 Acting Appointments Policy

65.11 Background Investigations Policy
         1. Background Investigation Form

65.12 Policy on Rehiring Employees
         1. Exit Processing Form
         2. Retiree Return to Work Policy, State of Alaska 
         3. Retiree Return to Work Policy FAQ

65.13 Family and Medical Leave Policy (FMLA)

         1. FMLA Employee Rights and Responsibilities
         2. FMLA Certification Information (Contact HR Ext. 1202)
         3. FMLA Request Form (Contact HR Ext. 1202)

FMLA Fact Sheets
         1. FMLA Non Military FAQ's​
         2. FMLA Fact Sheet #28
         3. FMLA Military Leave Provisions Fact Sheet
         4. FMLA Military Fact Sheet 28M
         5. FMLA Fact Sheet

65.14 Whistleblowers Protection

65.15 Inclement Weather & Adverse Environmental Conditions Policy
         1. Inclement Weather Implementation Procedure

65.16 Employee Service Recognition

65.17 Membership in Professional Organizations

65.18 Personal Appearance

65.19 Merit Pay
         1. Merit Pay Application

65.20 Rehire Policy for Employees Retired Under PERS - RESCINDED

65.21 Volunteer Policy for Individuals
         1. Application

65.22 Recruitment of Summer Casual Positions

65.23 Time Reporting for FLSA-Exempt Employees

65.25 Casual Employee

65.26 Non Represented Employee Merit Pay Program Policy - Rescinded

65.27 Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Sexual Orientation Employee Policy

​65.28 Volunteer Policy for Groups

  1. ​1.Application​​ ​

70 Procurement

70.01 Participation of Local Bidders in Borough Procurements

70.06 Blanket Purchase Order

70.07 Small Dollar Purchases

70.08 Unauthorized Purchases

70.09 Restrictions on Borough Staff Participation in Surplus Sales

70.10 Procurement Card

75 Records Management

75.01 Inspection and Copying of Public Records Policy
         1. Public Records Request Form

75.02 Disposal of Consumer/Confidential Information

75.03 Records​ Management Policy

80 Risk Management

80.01 Motor Vehicle Driving Policy

85 Safety Management

85.01 Safety & Security Policy
          1. Surveillance Log

85.02 Proper Handling of Suspicious/Hazardous Objects and Materials

85.03 Tobacco Use Policy

85.04 Violence in the Workplace

85.05 Firearms

Safety Management Policy

Use of Defensive Strategies and Equipment

Keying and Security

90 Vehicles-Equipment

90.01 Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Policy