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 A central location for School District Risk Reporting Resources.



School District Documents and Forms

Employee Injury & Incident Forms

          Employee Injury Flowchart

          Employee First Aid Injury / Incident Report Form

          Employee Report of Occupational Injury or Illness Form

          Fitness for Duty Form

Facility User Injury & Incident Forms

          Facility User Injury Report Form

          Incident Report Form

Student Injury & Incident Forms

          Student Injury Flowchart

          Student Injury Flowchart - Charter Schools

          Student Injury / Occurrence Report Form

          Myers-Stevens Brochure 19/20

          Myers-Stevens Claim Form

          Charter School Claim Form



About Us

Fairbanks North Star Borough & School District Risk Management

Injury/Illness Reporting: ReportClaims@fnsb.us

After Hours Cell Phone:  (907) 590-4934

Risk Management:  (907) 459-1344

Risk Management Fax:  (907) 459-1187

Jen Martel, Acting Risk Manager oversees the Risk Management department. Jen makes decisions and recommendations concerning events, types of insurance coverage and claims issues. Major problems or issues should be directed to Jen. Jen can be contacted at 459-1396 or jen.martel@fnsb.us

Rick Wilbur, Occupational Health & Safety Technician handles occupational health and safety concerns for employees. Rick provides ergonomic evaluations, safety inspections, Chemicals/Safety Data Sheets, coordination with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), manages first aid reports and facility user injuries. Rick can be contacted at 459-1456, 590-4033 or rick.wilbur@fnsb.us

Carrie Carnes, Claims Administrator oversees the employee health plan and assists with the appeals process. Carrie can be contacted at 459-1371 or carrie.carnes@fnsb.us

Workers' Compensation Adjuster manages all workers' compensation issues and payments after initial reports are filed. Adjuster can be contacted at 459-1129 or reportclaims@fnsb.us

Tracy Brand, Senior Risk Technician is the contact for student injuries, property damage claims, incident reports, insurance for users of Borough & School District facilities and certificates of insurance for contractors/vendors/users.Tracy can be contacted at 459-1392 or tracy.brand​​@fnsb​.us

Amber Puckett,Risk Technician performs the accounting functions for Risk Management. Amber can be contacted at 459-1393 or amber.puckett@fnsb.u​s

Heather Heineken – FNSBSD - Director of Business Services & Risk Management Liaison is the district point of contact for risk management issues. Heather works with the FNSB Risk office to assure claims, other risk issues are reported and resolved. Heather can be contacted at 907-452-2000 x11303 or heather.heineken@k12northstar.org