Easements on FNSB Owned Land

Picture of right  of way.An easement is a non- possessory interest in Borough land that entitles the holder to a specific and limited use of that land.

Easements may be granted for a variety of purposes to include public or private access, or placement of a utility.

Conditions and Requirements:

  • *Requires Assembly approval (unless the proposed easement serves an existing service area improvement or Borough facility).
  • *Grantee is required to survey the easement at their expense. Click HERE for survey requirements.
  • *Pay applicable fees. See Land Management's Fee Schedule for applicable fees HERE.

To apply for an Easement, fill out and submit an APPLICATION.
Submit application in person at 907 Terminal St in Fairbanks, mail it to P.O. Box 71267 Fairbanks AK 99707-1267 or email to land.management@fnsblandsales.com with payment for processing.

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