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All Borough owned lands not already sold, designated for another use, or in the planning process for sale are open and available for nomination. A land nomination is an opportunity for Borough residents to propose the future use of available Borough-owned parcels of land.

When you submit a nomination:

  • *The Division of Land Management will evaluate its potential use as indicated by you on the form.  
  • *Field studies are conducted, research is compiled and a report of recommendations is produced.
  • *Recommendations go through public review, as well as internal coordination through other Borough Departments and certain Advisory Commissions.
  • *The Borough Mayor and Assembly review the report and a final decision is made. 
  • *Depending on the outcome of this final decision the property may be sold, proposed for further planning and research, or retained.
  • ________________________________________________   

The Borough owned land inventory can be viewed clicking on the map below. Find the information needed to nominate a parcel, including:

  • *Property account numbers (PANs)
  • *Township and Range
  • *Ownership (verify that it is FNSB land)

Click HERE for a land nomination form.

Fill it out according to the instructions provided and send it to land@fnsb.us.

  • All nominations received will be posted on this page for public review. 
  • Status of land management's review of the nomination proposal will also appear on this page. 
  • A nomination may be declined if it duplicates a nomination received within the past five years.
  • Division staff are happy to assist you with your nomination at the counter or by telephone.



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