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A coalition of community partners is assembling an Air Quality Stakeholders Group to identify, evaluate and recommend community based solutions to bring the area into compliance with federal air quality standards for fine particulates (PM2.5).

An extension for nine seats ran from May 22-29. Applications received were reviewed to ensure applicants met applicable criteria for the specific seat they were seeking, and then passed to the selection committee for consideration June 1. The selection committee consisted of Jim Dodson (FEDC), FNSB Mayor Kassel, Fairbanks Mayor Matherly and North Pole Mayor Ward.

Based on comments received the selection committee added five additional seats bringing the total seats to 38. After the application extension, community members had applied for all but two seats: a community solid fuel heating pellet user and a financial industry representative, bringing the total number of voting seats to 36. The Final AQ Stakeholders Group Selection Results document includes the names of individuals selected at the conclusion of the application extension.

The group’s first meeting is June 5th from 8-5pm at the UAF ELIF building’s BP Design Theater. These meetings are open to the public, however a time for public testimony will not be offered

For more information, please contact Hannah Cooper at airquality@investfairbanks.com.

Full Press Release May 9th, 2018

Full Press Release May 22nd, 2018

Full Press Release June 1st, 2018

Stakeholders Group Framework

    a.  Mission Statement

    b.  Proposed Meeting Schedule

    c.  List of Available Seats

    d.  Application Form

    e.  Selection Process

    f.  Selection Results (updated 6/1/18)

    g.  Response to Comments

Meeting Information -

     June 5th

               a.  Group Knowledge Assessment

               b.  Meeting #1 - Notes

     July 20th

               a.  FNSB Air Quality Division Presentation

               b.  Meeting #2 - Notes

     August 17th

               Location:  BP Design Theatre, 4th Floor, UAF Engineering Building

               Time:  8am - 4pm

               a.  Info (Coming Soon)


    a.  Emission Profile for Catalyst and Non-Catalyst Wood Stoves

    b.  EPA Comments to March 2018 ADEC Draft SIP Documents

    c.  Preliminary DRAFT BACM Report 3-22-18

    d.  Stakeholder Group Presentation 6-5-18

Other Resources

- EPA Clean Air Act

- Original Nonattainment Area Designation Information

- AK DEC Serious SIP Development

- FNSB Air Quality Boundaries

- Current AQ Conditions

- Monitoring Plans

- Monitoring Data

- FNSB Sniffer Study (ie Hot Spot Guidance Program)

- AK DEC North Pole Saturation Study